Individual Singing and Voice Tuition Beginners To Professionals

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Mary Roberts


Mary Roberts B.Mus.,LTCL.,MTC., has been an experienced voice teacher for over 30 years. She can pin-point very quickly where people hold themselves back. You can be assured of a warm welcome and a safe environment to dip your toes into the rich realm of Voice and Singing.



  • Sing for Work or Pleasure
  • Public Speaking,
  • Work Presentations
  • For Personal Development
  • To Improve in a Choir
  • Improve Confidence
  • Manage Stress

Whether you want to sing or speak for pleasure or for a specific purpose, a tailor-made approach can make you progress safely and quickly towards your goal.


Through working with our Voice we can learn and experience wonderful things which can help and nourish us in our lives. Come and open to these possibilities and learn a solid, safe technique to underpin it.


Your Voice is a powerful expression of who you are. It holds many keys. So much of us is transmitted through our Voice.

Learn how to use your Voice to its full potential

Add more vocal colours

Speak the truth from your heart

Be aware of vocal health

Express yourself freely in work, at home, and in relationships.














Take a deep breath and phone:


01438 365372


or email: maryeroberts@hotmail.co.uk


Singing Lessons can be offered in:





Central and North London

MJ knew there was more to her than she was expressing. Through voice lessons she released so much potential which was asleep in her. She was happier and surprised by what she found out and became more excited by life.

ROBYN was singing in a choir, but was getting sore throats. We worked to teach Robyn how to support her voice and good safe breath control. She is more confident in her choir and no longer gets sore throats.

GN wanted to try an audition for a top TV show but needed a bit of a push. After a set of lessons he felt confident in making this step and improved his audition pieces.

PL always wanted to sing but was very scared of trying. She took courage and picked up the phone and by the end of the first lesson, she overturned many years of unhelpful feedback in school and in her adult life. She transformed in that one lesson. She now sings in a jazz band.

JOHN had to give presentations at work but could not be heard at the back of the room. In one session John learnt to project himself and his voice and add vocal colours to his voice. He now gives presentations with ease and quite enjoys them now.